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Fitness Kickboxing

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Ed is available for individual, semi-private and group training or consultation.

Martial Artist

Ed has more than 25 years experience in the martial arts.


Ed has been writing books and freelance martial arts articles since 1995.

Firearms Instructor

Ed teaches civilians the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to safely handle firearms.

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Martial Artist, Author, Firearms Instructor
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Fitness Kickboxing

Fitness kickboxing combines an aerobic workout with anaerobic (i.e., high intensity/short duration) exercises to maximize results. Ed begins each fitness kickboxing class with a warm-up, then takes it to the heavy bags for a cardio workout that includes kicks and punches using highly structured rounds of kickboxing combinations interspersed with alternate exercises to build strength and endurance. Ed wraps up class by stretching all the muscles used during the session. Fitness kickboxing classes are one of the best workouts you can include in your exercise program because of the number of calories burned in a single hour. Studies have shown kickboxing workouts can burn up to 800 calories an hour, which can be more than running, spinning or using an elliptical machine.

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