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Ed is available for individual, semi-private and group training or consultation.

Martial Artist

Ed has more than 25 years experience in the martial arts.


Ed has been writing books and freelance martial arts articles since 1995.

Firearms Instructor

Ed teaches civilians the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to safely handle firearms.

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Martial Artist, Author, Firearms Instructor
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Superfoot System

The Superfoot System was founded by the legendary martial artist Bill "Superfoot" Wallace and incorporates a superior stretching methodology with Superfoot's unique kicking style and fighting approach. Ed is a member of the "Superfoot Team" as his martial arts studio is an official "Superfoot Certified School." Students also have the opportunity to train directly with Grandmaster Wallace (annually) through this program.

Superfoot System goals:

  • To improve understanding about the correctness of motion and to encourage cooperation of different systems. This is why the "Superfoot System" is open to all art forms. Correct "kinesthetic" is the same for all styles.
  • To teach about understanding of movements within the martial arts and for the martial artist to understand the "synergism of the movements".
  • To better the individual, better the art and better the martial arts as a whole through understanding.
  • To keep the training fun with flexibility and speed training as well as teaching intricate kicking techniques to both challenge and motivate the student.

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